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Powering the next generation of NFTs

PRISM, powered by NuPay Technologies, is an all-purpose, next generation NFT marketplace built with exciting features. Unique pieces of art ranging from paintings to immersive experiences can be bought, sold, and displayed.

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The project

NuPay Technologies approached us several months ago to help them realize their vision of a new and exciting marketplace for NFTs that would truly impact the industry. NuPay's ambition was to create an accessible marketplace that democratizes the NFT business and encourages collaboration and exchange between the public and artists. With the imminent launch of the NuPay blockchain, a gas-free, fast, and environmentally friendly blockchain, PRISM will soon be the first platform to optimize all aspects of NFT creation, collection, and trade.

We are pleased to have worked with the NuPay team and other developers to bring this new platform to life. Our team was involved in the analysis, development, and integration of many of PRISM's platform features, including the authentication system, NFT creation and display logic, and user management. We also invested significant time in the design of user interfaces in order to facilitate the use of the platform for less experienced users. We proposed various concepts to NuPay and we contributed to the integration of most of the website's visual aspects.

PRISM offers a variety of technical features not found in competitors' platforms, including ProtectArt™ an exclusive technology that protects the integrity of creators' artwork and makes it easy to verify the authenticity of NFTs on the platform. PRISM also offers buyers and sellers multiple ways to purchase NFTs, using a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Client's feedback
"Over the last several months we at NuPay Technologies have been working with Writools in developing several products including our Prism NFT Marketplace. Their work is excellent, and their team is extremely talented, responsive and delivers on-time with excellent results. In fact, we have other projects in the pipeline with Writools and are excited to continue this incredible working relationship and cannot wait to see the results."

Brad Wilson - President / CEO NuPay Technologies Inc.

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NFTs for everyone

PRISM welcomes everyone to buy and sell their digital art, whether it's music, photography, 3D sculptures, clips, historical documents, or fashion items. PRISM empowers the next generation of creators and allows contemporary artists to thrive in an open and inclusive environment.

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Unique security features

PRISM provides an additional level of security for artists and buyers, through an exclusive technology that protects copyrights and integrity of artworks. This system, inspired by traditional art protection mechanisms, secures the creators' works when they are uploaded, and makes it possible for owners to verify the authenticity of their pieces. Thus, any attempt to copy a work of art from PRISM will prove futile.

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Prism ui stack
Prism ui stack

Designed for simplicity

With PRISM, trading NFTs has never been easier. In fact, PRISM was designed to be both approachable and simple to use. The platform offers users numerous ways to buy NFTs using a variety of crypto-currencies in one easy process. Furthermore, PRISM is among the only platforms of its kind that has a dedicated support team, which makes the NFT market much more accessible for everyone.

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