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How much does it cost to develop a website?

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Hello, you are about to read an article we wrote to better guide our clients in the creation of their website. At Writools, one of our specialties is the website creation. Thanks to our experience as a digital agency, we are able to properly target the costs of website development as well as the reasons why. Learn more about us on this page.

The cost of website development varies greatly depending on your needs. These differences are justified by the type of site chosen, the technology used, the design, the choice of agency, and so on. In this article, we will try to demystify the cost of a website. To do so, we will identify the main elements that can affect the cost. At the end of this article, you will have the information that will allow you to evaluate the amount needed to create your website. Also, we will provide you with some figures based on packages from small agencies like ours to make this more concrete.

At first sight, what will have the biggest financial impact on the creation of your web site is the type of site you need. As you can see in the chart below, a static site (which usually requires a developer to modify the content) will generally cost less than a dynamic site (CMS type) where clients will have administration access.

Type of websiteMinimumMaximum

Static website

500 $

2500 $


1250 $

5000 $

E-Commerce SASS (such as Shopify)

500 $

2500 $

E-Commerce customized

5000 $

15 000 $

Web application

500 $

50 000 $ (or even more)

Another element that will have a significant impact on the price is the choice of design. If you have a tighter budget, we encourage you to opt for a theme. There are thousands of themes that cost between 15-150$, they will save you many hours in user interface design. This choice will benefit you by reducing the time of creation of your website and therefore its cost since a big part of the creation of your site will already be done. All that remains is to adapt it to your needs by adding your colors, images, texts, and so on.

The other choice you have is to opt for a completely personalized design. This involves various meetings with the client to fully understand his needs, analysis, creation of mock-ups, and then the development of the pages based on these mock-ups. For these reasons, we can talk about double the cost mentioned above, or more depending on the website's complexity.

There are other elements that can influence the price between the minimum and maximum presented above. These are :

  • The content : A landing page website will obviously require less development time than a more complex site with about ten pages.
  • Your preparation : If you arrive with your specifications already completed, it will take much less analysis time than if we have to define them with you. If you provide all your texts, translations, logos and images, you will also save money since you won't have to create these resources with a specialized agency.
  • Plugin integration : The more user interaction, the more it costs. A blog, an Instagram feed, an appointment calendar, mailing list forms, etc., can be integrated. All these small additions require more development and integration time. On the other hand, it's this type of addition that adds value to your website.
  • Etc.

After the site has been built, there are also other expenses to keep in mind. Here are some of them:

  • The hosting plan : In order for the site to be accessible, it must be put online. Hosting can cost more or less money depending on the performance and features required. A display site will require fewer resources than an application that has multiple interactions and users. Traffic will also be important here: a site that receives 100 visitors per day vs a site that has thousands of visitors per day does not require the same resources! Generally, for small sites, we are talking about hosting costs around 30$ per month.
  • The maintenance : Once your site is online, you will certainly want to make modifications to make it evolve with your business. Often, agencies will offer you a maintenance package for your monthly requests. For this, the price really depends on your business needs. Some businesses invest 3 hours per month, others 20. However, no matter the size of your site, it is important to invest to keep it up to date. There are also important compatibility and security maintenance to keep in mind and plan.
  • The advertising : For your launch, you may want to invest in an advertising campaign to bring more people to your site and make it known. The number of people that will be reached by your advertising will depend on the amount you want to invest in. If you want to delegate this to an agency, expect extra costs for management, but you will probably get more results than if you try to do it yourself.
  • The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) : This consists of making various and varied improvements in order to get your site up in search engines like Google. This goes well with advertising. Some agencies specialize in this field.

Of course, other factors are important such as the choice of the agency that will develop your website. A reputable agency will certainly charge more than a freelancer. Depending on your budget and your objectives, you will have to decide which agency best meets your needs.

How to save on the creation of your website?

  • We advise you not to make your own website on a Wix builder. You will quickly reach limits in terms of functionalities and the time you spend trying to learn how this works, you will not spend it on your business. Let pros do the work and avoid mistakes.
  • Focus on themes. In the vast majority of cases, this is the best solution.
  • Choose a talented agency with great rates, like ours 😉.Prepare your specifications well. (PS A complete article on this subject is being written!)
  • Start small and make modifications. No need to start with a lot of features that won't have any return on investment. Do what you need to do, but do it right. Then it's easy to add pieces to your site and this spreads the cost. Better something small than nothing at all.
One thing is sure, the best way to find out the price for your website is to talk with us! You can get in touch using this form. The first meeting is free and we will be able to better guide you on the cost of your website. We will also have the chance to advise you on the approach and technology you should use.

See you soon! 👋

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